A few enhancements for iOS

Ever since the first iPhone came out I have been in love with the platform, however a few missing features are really starting to annoy me. I’m sure I’m not the first, and won’t be the last to suggest some of these enhancements. They aren’t anything big, just small tweaks which I’m sure will make the experience that much sweeter;

Proper location support in Calendar

Within the Calendar app, I can create an appointment and add a location, however I can’t pick that location from my contacts, nor can I open it up in the Maps application. Another feature would be the ability to then not only see a week view, but a map view of all of the appointments for a given period.

Custom app context sheets

Apple have recently added Twitter support across the entire OS. This is great, but should be extended for any app, with the ability for the user to choose which actions appear in which menu’s (they managed to make the Notifications options pretty easy to manage). This is already half done with the ‘Open In’ dialogue; if I have Pages installed, I will have the option to open a .pages file in that application. This would mean deeper integration for apps such as Instapaper or Buffer across the whole system, and would be a way to get a simple type of plugin architecture for mobile Safari.

Add music controls for the Remote app

I have a couple of Airport Express’s dotted around the house so that I can stream music to different rooms. The Remote app is therefore used quite heavily. This means that each time I want to change a track, I have to open the app. It would be great if the shortcuts from the Lock and app switching panel currently used to control the Music app, could be instead used for the Remote app. This is already the case for other music apps such as Last.fm and Spotify.

Twitter links open in a native Twitter app

Most Youtube links will open in the native Youtube app, why is this not the case for Twitter now that it has been baked in at a system level? I’m not always logged into the mobile version of Twitter, which makes following and replying to a tweet via Safari rather cumbersome. This new feature should be accompanied by a preference toggle, for users who prefer the web based version.

Deeper mobile Safari integration

Mobile Safari needs to be updated in a few ways; the ability to have plugins, or at least custom context menu items, will mean tighter integration with third party apps. In the same way that the email sheet, slides up, performs the action and then disappears could be replicated for other apps. For example, rather than using a bookmarklet to take me away to another app, this action could be completed inline, resulting in a seamless interaction and allowing me to carry on with what I was doing without the need to switch back and forth between apps.

In addition, third party apps that utilise the Safari sheet, should be able to read and write to my bookmarks. They should also be able to share cookie and session data, so that if I am logged into a site in mobile Safari, the instance of Safari inside the Twitter app should also have me logged in.

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