Geckoboard and ServerDensity Take 2

So, last week I wrote a post about how we were using Geckoboard to monitor the launch of a set of sites – after a successful launch I can now reveal that those sites were for the Orion Media Group and their radio stations; BRMB, Beacon, Wyvern and Mercia.

The launch process started at 10am on Friday morning and ended at around 8.30pm! Throughout the whole process we had our Geckoboard displayed on a projector. Since I wrote the original post, I have modified the widgets to give us some more useful info (plus some more pretty graphs).

We can now see:

  • the average 30 min load range
  • the load range over the last 6 hours
  • memory usage
  • mysql status
  • traffic in and out

This data is much more useful that we had, plus now that Geckoboard allows us to have more than one dashboard we can dedicate a dashboard solely for the use of server stats. We now also have some for user stats (number of signups today vs yersterday, sign up method – twitter/facebook/web and pageviews).

Luckily the servers have coped with a fair few thousand (and the rest) pageviews without the load going above 2.3, this is down to the excellent cacheing mechanisms put in place by @deplorableword.

I have also released the code that I used in order to make this all possible, which is available over on GitHub

ServerDensity API –

GeckoBoard API –

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  3. Big thanks for this. Geckoboard was exactly the kind of tool we we’re looking for to run on our lonely netbook and this server density API was the perfect addition.

    Any chance we might see a code-igniter library for any time soon??

    Would love to be able to see all the latest notifications on my Geckoboard ;]



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