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Following my implementation of a Flash based desktop widget for viewing RSS feeds, I decided to experiment with Mozilla Prism.


This idea is simple; rather than having to load up a web browser and type the url to a web app, you can instead create a mini app of it on your desktop. So for example, clicking on the icon for Facebook, will load that and only that into a stripped down web browser. No buttons, menu bars or tabs getting in the way, just simply the page you want.


To get more info, check out the Mozilla Labs blog, where you can also download a beta version for Mac (there are Linux and Windows flavours aswell, however the Windows version I tested doesn’t yet support Flash).


I have set this up to work with my main site, and in conjunction with cookies, allows you to go straight to your mySizzla account, where you can have access to your documents and calendar.


This is great, for when you want to get to your favourite web2.0 app, quickly and easily. The added advantage of the dock means that you can launch a web based app, just as you would a desktop based one. The line between web and desktop is starting to blur and merge. In my opinion this is great, as we will no longer be tied down by a platform or specific format – a.k.a the .doc format and the issues between the new 2007 version and now old 2003 versions (typical Microsoft)


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